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SeaProducks, Inc., is headquartered in Tacoma, Washington, USA, is a geoduck clam wholesale company.  We provide aquaculture and wild geoduck clams to our customers.

Aquaculture geoduck is farmed product planted and raised on the beach, and harvested during very low tides or by dive harvest. We purchase aquaculture geoduck from local growers.  Aquaculture product is most-often white in color and of higher quality than wild product.

Wild geoduck is product that is harvested by divers.  We harvest wild product out of Alaska during the fall and winter months. If available, we purchase product that have been harvested by various Washington Indian Tribes as well.

Wild product is generally darker in color and more variable in quality.

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Click here for information about geoduck clams from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Pronounced: gooey-duck

Spelling variations: geoduck, geoduc, goiduck, gweduck, and mirugai (in Japanese)

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